Cargo Management System Project is a web-based application designed to computerize the various operations in cargo agencies. It aims at managing and implementing activities and plans of a cargo company. In order to reduce the manual work and to create a reliable working platform, computerized cargo management system is an essential component for all cargo agencies these days.

In order to transport goods or products from one territory to other, cargo system is important. It is fast, easy and reliable commercial means for transportation of goods and industrial products from one part of globe to another. This proposed project is simply an attempt to generate an application to automate different management activities in cargo business.

The traditional cargo management system is completely manual and hence, tedious and much time consuming. There is a high chance of losing and delivering the items to wrong recipients due to misplacement of a single paper. So, a computerized and online management system is an ultimate solution to such problems in Cargo-related systems.

The proposed cargo management system application performs multi-task in effective management of cargo companies. The major aim of the generated application from the project is to reduce the manual work and provide fast, comfortable, reliable and effective service. The software can record data in the database, display billing details, inquire modules, and many more.

As the implementation of software in cargo agencies reduces the number of workers and paper works, it ultimately minimizes the overall expenditure of the company. Moreover, it helps the company in its promotion though web technology.

The key features of Cargo Management System Project are:

Easily Accessible: Being a web-based application, it can be accessed from anywhere with internet. It is not necessary to visit the cargo office to inquire about the services and features.

Secured: The whole system and database is fully password protected. Only the admin and authorized users can access the data and information in the system.

Flexibility: The software has been designed in such a way that new features and modules can be incorporated in the system as per requirement.

Reliable and Efficient: As this application works through computer and internet, it has higher working efficiency and reliability.

This cargo tracking project is a four-modules project: customer detail module, transaction detail module, billing module and inquiry module. Each module has certain specific task to perform and one is interlinked with another. The main function of each module is briefly described below:

Customer Detail Module:  The major function of this module is to record the necessary details of customer in the database so that it can be accessed whenever it is required.

Transaction Detail Module: The details of the goods to be delivered and their transaction details need to be stored. This is done using this module.

Billing Module: For the computation of overall income and expenditure in the cargo company, it is necessary to make bills of each transaction. The bills are prepared and overall financial calculations are performed through this module.

Inquiry module: Inquiry module is similar to search option. One can look for various information such as number of items to be delivered, name of customer etc. by using this module.

The proposed Cargo Management System is a solution to current problems regarding transaction and data recording in cargo companies. The implementation of this project reduces the over expenditure of such companies and makes economical balance.