Electronics Industry is one of the fastest growing and perhaps the most innovative industries. Electronics Industry is also one of the most competitive industry. Research and development of new and better products is the most important aspect of electronics industry. There are thousands of electronic products with many applications in the market. These products comprises of parts, components, subassemblies, etc.; which uses the principles of electronics.

The main objective of this industry is to meet the needs of electronics producers by providing the required electronic products using the latest technology. As per the government estimates electronics manufacturing in the country is going to record an annual growth rate of 30 percent over the next five years. The electronics manufacturing industry is the source for the creation of new technology that all customers use or will be using in the future.

The electronic industry is an independent industry that has manufacturing abilities, it obtains its raw materials, and draws together different resources so that it can face the challenges of each product. This industry consists of sales of products that produce, distribute, and use electrical power and computers, communications equipment, computer peripherals, and similar electronic products. The company that produces the electronic product is more than just a manufacturing center, it is a resource that involves experts in the industry that can provide direction to create the best product possible.