The fmcg industry is a dynamic, challenging and constantly evolving requires hands on control over large scale manufacturing, quality control, warehousing & logistics, nationwide distribution and retail.

Seamless integration between warehouse management & automation, work-in-process tracking, quality inspection, sales force automation, field asset tracking of sales generating assets, vision inspection, enterprise wireless lan solutions, vehicle traffic management in premises, kiosk solutions for loyalty applications or retail informative kiosks and reusable asset or handling unit tracking (pallet / crate / bin) is integral to the success of an fmcg operation.

At 3smind technologies, we have partnered with some of the biggest fmcg organisations to provide them with large format, multi-platform solutions catering to manufacturing, quality control, warehousing & logistics, retail and business intelligence.

Our solutions integrate barcoding, rfid, enterprise mobility, enterprise wlan and factory automation to provide our clients with a single window, hassle free deployment so you can concentrate on what is important, while we take care of the rest.

  1. Warehouse management & automation
  2. Work-in-process solution
  3. Quality inspection
  4. Sales force automation
  5. Field asset tracking (sales generating assets)
  6. Vision inspection
  7. Enterprise wireless lan solution
  8. Vehicle traffic management in premises
  9. Kiosk solutions (loyalty applications/retail informative kiosk)
  10. Reusable asset/handling unit tracking (pallet/crate/bin)