Handheld terminal contains industrial PDA, barcode scanner, RFID handheld terminal, and so on, with OS and communication functions connected by WIFI, bluetooth, GPRS. Handheld Terminal could collect data and communicate with computers, which could be used for various industries in harsh environment.

With the development of IOT, handheld terminals are used in logistic express, warehouse inventory, tracking management, retail stores and other public service.

RFID is one of the most important application of handheld terminal. Compared to barcode scanning, RFID scanning is some special. For RFID scanning, there should be RFID label and RFID handheld terminal, collecting data with the frequency signal.

Barcode scanning, it means using handheld terminal scanning the data information of the products with the tagged barcode. There are two kinds technology for barcode scanning, laser passing could realize 1D barcode scanning, and CCD technology could realize 1D & 2D barcode scanning.

GPS positioning is an important function of handheld terminal, which could realize the global real-time positioning and navigation. It is most used in security, driving and positioning services.

There is one mode of fingerprint collection in handheld terminal, it could collect and compare the fingerprint information, which is most used in public service, bank and insurance industries.

There is camera in handheld terminal, could collect the images, which is most used in information collection in field.

It could connect and exchange the information with data base of handheld terminal, with wireless methods, which could meet the requirements of various industries.

Handheld terminal is used in various industries, which could meet the needs of data collection, checking and exchanging, reduce the cost and mistake during the management.