The healthcare industry is at the forefront of embracing evolving technology. Today, the facilities available at clinics and hospitals for preventive, diagnostic and post-operative healthcare are far superior to what was available just a few years ago.

However, with the progress in technology and healthcare facilities, comes the challenge of maintaining and tracking large volumes of data, generated through digitization of treatment processes and patients’ medical records.

Whether it is at path labs, diagnostics centers, nursing homes or hospitals, it is important to have real time control over drug administration, patient identification, bedside patient care, bio medical waste management, blood bank management, sample tracking, asset management, supplies & pharmacy and inventory management.

Error free & timely capture of multiple data inputs can provide healthcare professionals with valuable insights. Insights that may be the difference between a successful treatment and health complications.

At 3smind, we have been providing many large healthcare providers with solutions that automatically capture, manage and analyze data accurately in real time & across multiple locations.

Our software solutions integrate barcoding, RFID, enterprise mobility, enterprise WLAN and factory automation to most of the hms or ERPs to provide you with real time visibility of your complete supply chain with actionable intelligent information.

  1. Sample tracing & tracking in path labs
  2. Patient identification
  3. Bedside drug administration
  4. Bio medical waste management
  5. Blood bank management.
  6. Assets & diagnostic equipment tracing and tracking
  7. Pharmacy POS & inventory management