All private and public industries, whether large or small, strive to optimize their operational processes. Nowadays the new business model is being shaped by greater automation and investment driven by accelerated production cycles, advances in technology, coupled with changing labor demographics.

Disruptions in production, rising prices, volatile input costs, cut throat competition coupled with continuous innovation have all forced manufacturers to rethink their business models with their long-term growth plans.

Every industry, whether big or small, requires to be fast moving and quickly respond to changing demands of thier customers, the changing business scenarios, and changing government regulations. If they are not quick enough to respond and cater to their clients fast enough, their competitors will. To win in such a marketplace, every industry need comprehensive industry solutions specially designed for that industry.

In this era on large scale digitization with main focus on automation has far reacing effects on every single industry today. In fast changing market dynamics there is an urgent need of creating newer revenue streams, transforming customer engagement mechanisms and driving better operational efficiencies.The industry must also simultaneously rethink their existing business models and changes must be implemented in line with changing market dynamics.

we 3sMind Technologies serve enterprises across industries, offering them tailored, domain-specific IT solutions and services.

Our IT Solutions and services leads to significant cost savings by industries across all domaind. Our IT Solutions and services enable Life Sciences and Healthcare companies to become more patient-centric. Similarly, Media & Entertainment enterprises are able to offer superior user experiences, and are able to enhance content creation, distribution and rights management.

In the field of Banking & Finance and Insurance we have innovative solutions based on latest technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data and IoT.

We cater to the needs of engineering and construction and Hi-Tech companies to establish 'smart' manufacturing operations to boost productivity.

We are a leading Business IT Solutions Provider, we also offer customized accelerators, platforms and tools that are sure to give our clients a winning edge.

We develop industry IT Solutions keeping in mind the unique challenges of every business line. We assure our clients with our focus on delivering high quality solutions to stay on top of the game.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Best Quality
  • Highest standards
  • Reliable solutions
  • Best of class services
  • Delivering quality products
  • Affordable cost

Our keys for development

  • Desire for Excellence
  • Trust and confidence build-up
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Strong core values

We believe in

  • Motivation
  • leadership
  • Collective responsibility
  • Professional ethics
  • Add value to our client needs
  • Customer satisfaction

Our Skills

We consult for high-end technology implementation at clients’ site or implementation of new technology according to the clients’ requirement or upgrading, enhancing the existing facilities in the clients end with the new technology integrated with the existing one. 3SMIND Technologies offers a full range of consulting services to help analyze your business requirements for effective implementation of solutions.

Customised Application Development



System Integration

Business Analytics


3SMIND Technologies has the expertise and experience to manage an enabling infrastructure and applications and run outsourced operations for large telecom operators smoothly. Our Managed Services offerings cover the entire array of IT outsourcing services including networks, IT infrastructure, applications and business processes. This provides our customers the best of both worlds – control and flexibility over their information systems without either the pain or cost of running them.

RFID Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Library Automation
  • Parking Management
  • Patient Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing & Distribution

Our Strength

RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are being used for access control and security system. We specialize in all types of RFID based security solution.

Application Development

We specialise in all types of Windows, Web and Mobile Application Development.



We offer servers, computers, computer accessories and services by sourcing from local market and from international market as well.

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