Looking at the current need of workforce, it is common for modern enterprises to have the flexibility to rely on third party contractor offering skilled and unskilled workers. This helps them meet their specific one-time or regular manpower needs. Traditional methods of managing multiple contractors and large workforce can expose the organization to safety, legal and financial leakages. Additionally, meeting the statutory requirements is an important aspect in cwm. 3smind contract workers management solution is designed for large and small organizations to meet their demand of skilled manpower supply and helps in monitoring the contract workers. Meeting statutory requirements is an important aspect in managing contract workers. 3smind contract workers management allows managers and contractors to improve Labour productivity and enhance operational efficiency, bringing down overall cost.


  1. Control project progress and cost.
  2. Increase in productivity and minimize overpayments.
  3. Meet disparate needs of different functions, locations and individuals.
  4. Meet legal compliance.
  5. Save time and better planning of workers.
  6. Enhance security of the organization.
  7. Easy interpretation and decision making.
  8. Faster response to exceptional situations.
  9. Accurate and quick salary payments.

Comprehensive worker profile and pass creation

The need to automate and streamline contract workers management processes varies from organization to organization. Proper work information with all required details at central place can eliminate multiple spreadsheets and related chaos. 3smind contract workers management creates and manages worker profile with personal information, contact details, photograph, access rights, etc. In addition, organization can create multiple varieties of passes depending on worker profile, location, department, etc. Organization can customize worker pass format and layout to match its exact needs.

Contractor portal

A separate dashboard for an application gives a quick overview of all the functions. 3smind contract workers management is a labour management system that offers a dedicated web portal for contractors to manage their work orders and workers. Contractors can check work orders assigned to them, work order status, add new workers and send for approval, update their profile and generate various reports. Additionally, dashboard gives quick status of work orders and workers from a single window.

Work order management

Organizations outsource different tasks to different contractors based on the type of work. 3smind contract workers management facilitates creating work orders and assigning them to contractors with validity dates. Contractors can assign work orders to their pre-registered workers. The manager can close a work order after the work specified is completed or work order validity has expired. Project managers can track status of all their work orders from a single window.

Worker attendance management

3smind contract workforce management software has built-in flexible and best-in-class time-attendance function. Just like any regular employee, it manages attendance, timings, shift schedules and overtime. An organization can create multiple attendance policies such as late-in, early-out, absenteeism, overtime, etc. And assign them to workers. 3smind contract workers management reduces manpower costs by enforcing time-attendance policies consistently and accurately across the organization.

Informative reports and payroll integration

To prevent data entry errors and save time and money, 3smind contract workers management can seamlessly integrate with third party payroll, HRMS or ERP applications and send attendance data to these applications.

Meaningful and informative reports help managers assess situation and take good decisions. With 3smind contract workers management, admin can generate customized reports for any organization, department, selected users and time period. Managers can easily export these reports to various file formats including pdf, Excel, Word, rtf, csv and text.

Contract labour management system

3smind technologies’ contract labour management system (LMS) works on the principle of identifying labour personnel, wherein human interference is not required, and automated systems can easily identify labour personnel entering the premises. This platform tracks employee behaviour in terms of monthly attendance, work time, and more. A well-deployed contract labour management system can cut organizational costs and improve workforce productivity through real-time monitoring of labour’s against predefined rules and regulations.

Today, modern enterprises have to rely on third party contractors that provide them with skilled and unskilled workers, helping them meet their specific one time or regular manpower needs. Number of contractors and workers depend on an organization’s size, location and functional diversity. Traditional methods of managing multiple contractors and their large workforce can expose the organization to safety, legal and financial leakages. Such organizations need a comprehensive solution that not only automates and streamlines contract workers management processes but also enhances legal and safety accountability while eliminating inefficiencies.

3smind technologies’ contract labour management system is specifically designed for large organizations to help them manage all their contract workers management processes.

3smind technologies’ contract labour management system covers planning, work order, enrolment, worker induction, e-pass, time-attendance and access control. 3smind technologies’ CLM collects workers’ entry-exit events from biometric and RFID card based devices to calculate their work hours based on the organization’s pre-defined attendance policies and send this data to ERP and payroll department.

3smind technologies’ CLM allows managers and contractors to improve labour productivity and enhance operational efficiency, bringing down overall cost.

Contract labour management system’s highlights

  • Every labour personnel is provisioned with a badge that includes a photograph.
  • Smart & robust systems restrict and control high labour numbers per contractor.
  • Regular attendance system through fingerprint identification or barcode scans.
  • Permission-denial system for labour personnel with lapsed badges.
  • Instant authentication through photograph and fingerprint identification.
  • Contractor wise man days & OT.
  • Contractor bill.
  • Half day / OT reports.
  • Monthly attendance.
  • Summary muster.
  • Monthly working time.