The pharma industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the advancement of research and the development of new life saving drugs, there is a huge potential for the industry to continue growing exponentially.

However, it is also one of the most regulated industries across the globe, with stringent manufacturing and process quality control requirements. There is no scope for error as a mix-up may actually affect human life.

In such a scenario, work-in-process automation, RM stores automation, dispensing automation, FG stores automation, raw material to finished goods automation, DGFT solution, IQ/OQ/PQ documentation, RM quality process automation, RM/PM dispensing automation, weighing scale automation – auto weight capture, FIFO, WIP tracking and yield capturing at every stage of production form the pillars of success for any large pharma company.

At 3smind, we have been closely associated with some of the biggest manufacturers in the pharma sector, helping them develop systems for monitoring and tracking of their manufacturing, quality control, logistics and track & trace requirements, to help them comply with FDA audits. We deliver solutions for industry 4.0 and our solutions are 21 CFR complaint.

  1. Rm stores automation
  2. Dispensing automation
  3. WIP automation
  4. FG stores automation
  5. DGFT solution
  6. Our solution is 21 CFR compliant
  7. IQ/OQ/PQ documentation
  8. Raw material to finished goods automation
  9. Rm quality process automation
  10. Rm/pm dispensing automation
  11. Weighing scale automation – auto weight capture
  12. FIFO
  13. WIP tracking
  14. Yield capturing at every stage of production
  15. Solutions for industry 4.0