Our software will allow you to conquer challenges like increasing expenses and new distribution channels so you can dedicate more time to other critical aspects of your business.

Retailing is the art of being chosen

Over the last few years, the retail industry and its business processes have seen a sea-change.

Customers are now spoilt for choice and maintaining brand or establishment loyalty is a challenge for even the most seasoned brands.

Today, a successful retailer is the one who is able to optimize inventory, streamline supply chain, anticipate changing consumer trends and react quickly to address the same. This can be achieved only if there is seamless integration and real time visibility throughout the supply chain right from point of sale, direct store deliveries, inventory management, warehouse management and similarly in e-commerce from first and last mile delivery and reverse logistics management.

At 3smind technologies, we specialise in providing solutions that support your business goals across the entire business process – from purchase to inventory management, warehousing & logistics, customer experience, loyalty management and business intelligence.

Our software solutions integrate barcoding, rfid, enterprise mobility and enterprise wlan to provide you with a single window, trouble-free deployment so you can concentrate on what is important, while we take care of the rest!

  1. Inventory management
  2. Warehouse management
  3. Item level intelligence (rfid)
  4. Direct store deliveries
  5. Point of sale
  6. Q-busting/ mobile pos
  7. Shelf edge label & bin management
  8. Vendor management
  9. Mark down management
  10. Self-shopping
  11. E-commerce solutions
  12. Inventory management
  13. Warehouse management
  14. Bin management
  15. Item level intelligence (rfid)
  16. Vendor/supplier management
  17. Loyalty
  18. First mile delivery
  19. Last mile delivery
  20. Reverse logistics management