School management software brings various features to the school module to fulfil the quality of the educational establishment. School management software available in multiple languages. It is designed and developed for local, regional, national and international schools. Software can access by parents, teachers, administrators and students from anywhere in the world. Only authorized and authenticated users can access school management software.

  1. Flexible functionality and deployment
  2. Reduced cost
  3. Zero maintenance
  4. Easy user interface
  5. Easy and fast implementation
  6. Simple to understand
  7. Works across platforms
  8. Live support team
  9. School erp software

School ERP software satisfies the required duties with monitoring the performance of the student based on all activities. Moreover, we offer great flexibility for customization the school modules. School ERP system can record, manage and process students data and teachers data. Online school ERP software is user-friendly and time saving for school faculties and principals.

College management system

College management system is loaded with automatic functions for all academic and administrative department of an organization. It has been designed by keeping in mind all the operations that are performed in college. It has reduced manual work, synchronization in teaching and non-teaching staff, report generation, security of data, customization, cost-effective and 24*7 online customer supports. College erp software is designed using best coding to maintain speed and efficiency in college administration, academic management, and other campus actions.

Benefits of college management system are as follows:

Transparency-providing data access to relevant administrative and staff member’s increases transparency in the system. Earlier it was not easy to produce, compile and modify data in a user-friendly manner which created a problem between end user to use service. Transparency is achieved by a system when whole management gets encapsulated under one segment. The database used to store information is secure enough to be trusted. Anytime, anywhere concept for data access is practiced under transparency.

Monitoring-under monitoring and controlling, access to data is only given to a specific group of people for a required time period. Generally, monitoring is about disciplinary actions which will contribute to the growth of the organization. The administrative unit is provided with the privilege to implement policy in the work environment. While using software/application cannot change or modify the policy, instead will have to work according to norms and customs.

Efficiency-efficiency is related to the performance of the organization. By implementing application or software for school management, institutes have eliminated paperless and laborious process. Every resource available must be utilized frequently by the user to enhance productivity.

College admission software

Along with benefits, features of college erp software are student portal, merit list, library system, hostel system, transport system, fee collection, payroll (staff) management, student information system, registration and admission, timetable generation and so on. Very quick way to computerize college is to buy software, install it, configure, enter data and start using various other modules to increase flexibility in organization work culture. Every user associated with the service of college admission software are satisfied with suitability, comfort, and affordability. Every department such as science, engineering, arts, medical and commerce can use this application and can get the best outcomes out of it.